Long Road

For the past two years I’ve suffered with chronic pain. Initially I had pain in my arms and legs and thought I might have the flu so I just brushed it off. A few months later the pain got more intense and decided to see a doctor. They ran some blood work and everything was fine and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia in Oct. 2010. I took my doctor’s advice…I rested and took the medicine to help control the symptoms. Fast forward to December 2010…the pain was so severe I had to wear ace bandages on my arms and legs. The pain felt like someone was knifing my bones and as if they were going to snap in two. I pushed forward with my ace bandages, Icy Hot and ibuprofen.

May 2011…The pain gets worse and it’s getting harder to keep up my stamina for my full-time job.

August 2011- Lesions start showing up on my arms and legs. Small red dots..no scabs and they’re not raised. I see a dermatologist and she says “it could be eczema”. Gives me lotion and I used it and the spots continued to spread throughout my body.

Oct.2011- The pain is so severe I have to take a medical leave from work. I continue to go to different doctors in search of answers. When the blood work comes back negative of any illness, they push me to different specialists or tell me that “I’m depressed and it’s all in my head”.

*At that point I was so frustrated with doctors being insensitive and not helping me. I wanted my life back, I didn’t want to live in pain and sleep all day.”

Dec.2011- The doctors diagnosed me with Raynaud’s aka my hands and feet are sensitive to temperature. I’ve had that all my life…my hands and feet don’t get enough circulation. They told me to wear gloves….

January 2012- I see a specialist for the center for disease control. Very nice doctor and he did a CAT scan on me. They found that my septum was deviated and surgery was scheduled for Febuary. I felt somewhat better but not completely.

August 2012- Severe pevlic pain (history of ovarian cysts), see a lot of doctors and they say it’s just my cyst. They did another CAT scan but couldn’t see it very well (I’m severely allergic to IV contrast. I go into anaphylaxsis) so they had to use another method that didn’t show up as well. They suggested I eliminate gluten from my diet because my intestines looked damaged. Celiac disease can cause a lot of problems with body pain and rashes.

November 2012- My gyno sets up surgery for a laparoscopy to see what’s causing this pain. She found that I have endometriosis and she removed scar tissue (adhesions which cause pain) as well as a tumor on my uterus.Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to pain, irregular bleeding, and problems getting pregnant.I’ll have more info next Friday at my post-op, but so far I’m feeling great!


You know your body and if you feel like something isn’t right, keep pushing forward.It can seem like an eternity and sometimes you just want to give up and cry. Don’t accept answers like “Nothing is wrong” if you continually don’t feel well and are following all of the advice your doctor gives you.

Hopefully my health issues can be put behind me and I can move forward with my life.



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