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The Endo Chronicles : Packing for Surgery

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As an endometriosis patient I have had my fair share of surgeries. The  gold standard for endometriosis treatment is excision surgery by a specialist. Out of 52,000 OBGYNs in the U.S. less than 100 of them are doing effective excision surgery. There is an incredible Facebook group “Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis discussion and education” run by former RN Nancy Petersen. The group has a list of surgeons who specialize in endo and other valuable information. The group led me to my doctor and for that I am forever grateful!

By now I know what I need to pack for surgery/after care. But many other women are in different stages in their journey. This may be very new and scary, thats where the list comes in. Of course we all have different things that work for us, but this is just what I have found to be helpful for me. Feel free to print for your convenience.


Preparing for your big day

-Make sure you go to the grocery store and stock your fridge with post-surgery food. I try to make meals that I can freeze so I won’t have to cook if I’m not up for it. Things I usually buy are frozen fruit bars, saltines, oatmeal, bread to make toast, soups, gingerale, Tylenol, Advil, Gas-X, peppermint tea,etc.

-Wash your clothes/ bedding so you have fresh sheets to slip into when you get home from the hospital. You will thank me ;).

-Have your house straighten up/ clean so you can focus on your recovery once at home.


Bowl Prep

Some surgeons require you to do a bowl prep and a clear liquid diet the day before surgery. I have found these “foods” helpful to make me feel somewhat satisfied. (Always ask your doctor whats ok for you to do. I’m not a doctor, this is just what works for me)

-Bouillon cubes for soup broth.

-Popsicles (No red or orange colored ones).

-Gummy bears (YES! You can eat these! They dissolve into liquid. But again, no red or orange).




Things to pack for the hospital (Outpatient or Inpatient) 

-Phone charger (Like how I put that first? LOL)

-Pillow to hug for the car ride home. Those bumps are rough!

-Hand sanitizer

-Magazine, iPad or activity to keep busy

-Dry shampoo (If staying overnight)

-Deodorant because well, you know (If staying overnight)


Things to Pack for Your Surgery Buddy (The person who is staying with



-Book or magazine

-Notebook to take notes when doctor talks to them after your surgery.


Things to have at home (My Tried and True)

-Body pillow (AMAZING! A total game changer for recovery. I have one from Target and it’s wonderful).

-Gas-X (Ask your doctor if it’s ok for you to take).

-Pop (Some people call it soda haha) It actually is my secret weapon for gas pain!

-Peppermint tea (Helps with the gas pain)

-Ibuprofen & Tylenol (Ask your doc)

-Ice packs (I like to always have 2 so when I’m using one, the other is in the freezer ready to go. CVS brand has great ice packs)

-Heating pad (especially for your shoulders with gas pains. Rolling your shoulders forward a few times can also ease the gas pains)

-Comfy pants &Pjs

With all that said, I hope you find this helpful. Recovery is not a one size fits all by any means so be gentle with yourself. Rest is so important! I used to “be the hero” and did too much after surgery and it set back my recovery. Self-care is essential.


Be Well… XO,


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