5 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own

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Bras…so many choices, but how many bras do you actually need? I personally have a favorite bra that I wear pretty much every day. It’s comfortable, cute and fits. I was recently cleaning out my bra & panty drawer. I realized I had so many bras that didn’t fit  and ones I didn’t need. I encourage you to go through your drawer and do the same. With Spring just around the corner it’s good to declutter and give it away to a friend. Now the types of bras you should have for any situation… Oh and by the way I am notorious for calling Victoria’s Secret Vicky’s  so now you know what I mean when I call it that.


1. “The Functional Bra”

This is your everyday bra. It may or may not be the cutest, but it works & feels great. I purposely chose a nude colored one so I don’t have to worry about it showing through my shirts. I really love Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels bras. Comfy & cute :). It’s also a good idea to get your functional bra in black as well.





2. “The Strapless”

This type of bra is wonderful for sleeveless tops/dresses, etc. It’s a huge bonus if you can get one with straps that detach. Again, going with a nude or white color will help keep it from now showing through your clothes.




3.The VaVaVOOM Push Up “

I love wearing push up bras to fill out my outfits or just give me some extra “ahh”. These are what I like to call “date night” bras. I don’t wear them daily because they can be a little much for a Starbucks run. But to each his own.. I really love The Bombshell Push Up bras from Vicky’s. It claims to add 2 cup sizes and I can confirm that yes it really does.





4. “The Racy Red” 

Red is such a hot, daring color so why not wear it? Sometimes I purposely wear my red bra with a white tank top to channel my inner Gwen Stefani. It really just boosts my confidence. If you don’t own a red bra, I encourage you to go an try one on. It’s a staple in my collection.



5. “ Sports Bra”

Athletic? Then you definitely want to have a sports bra with great support. Non athletes alike still should have one. It’s great for when you don’t want to go bare, but want something holding the girls up. I’m not an expert on sports bras, but Lululemon makes some really cute ones.




This doesn’t necessarily count as a bra, but it is an option. I was thinking what do you even call these things…boob stickers? lol. But they do work when bras don’t. Stickers for know.




And lastly remember it’s important to wash your bras correctly. If at all possible put your bra in a net bag and wash with either cold or warm water on the gentle setting. After it’s washed reshape the bra if it has foam or batting in the cups.




Then let it air dry




Hope this helps you declutter for Spring. What are some of your favorite places to get bras?



Tacky Jacquie

  • Renee Suchanek-Baron Zamary

    Truly a must have in our wardrobes,diifferent bras for different outfits, makes sense. Thanks for sharing the great info Tacky Jacquie!

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