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My Makeup Journey

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Wow it’s been 14 years since I got into the makeup industry. I was 10 when I said “Mom I’m becoming a makeup artist, I’m Thrillergoing to do special FX makeup and glamour”. Instead of brushing it off as a phase, she said “That’s amazing! We can go to get some makeup books to help start you off”. And I said “Oh by the way, I talked to Rick Baker on the phone and he said to do makeup anywhere and everywhere and if I needed his help he would guide me”. My mom said “Who’s Rick Baker sweetie?” “Oh you know he did Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I wrote to him and he called me.” I was a weird kid. I made lots of fake blood with Corn Syrup, red & green food coloring, fake latex wounds,etc. Most of the neighbors were terrified of the “wild child”.

My whole family has always supported each other’s dreams. That’s what I love about my mom, she is a dreamer and a believer. She never made me think any of my dreams were far fetched, she just told me I had to work for them. Fair enough. My sister Wendy always wanted to be a singer/actress since she was little. Again, my mom supported her. She went to acting summer camps, did local plays, high school musicals and eventually went on to movies. Now this might sound somewhat easy to enroll your child in acting camps/classes, but my mother was a single parent with one income. She could always stretch a dollar and we never really knew how much she really struggled to put food on the table for 4 of us kids. My mom could have easily said no to us, but she did whatever possible to allow us to be successful. And for that I will always appreciate her.

Back to the makeup….I always had a little kiddy purse full of “my makeup” which consisted of different variations of glitter and lipgloss from Claires. I was only in 3rd grade , but boy did I love my makeup. My first makeup item was a Snow White powder compact from Avon. I never used it being I was so young, but I sure did love it. After my talk with Rick my mom got me a makeup kit from the drugstore, you know 10 eyeshadows, 2 blushes a few lipsticks and a mini mascara…all of which made me feel like I could concur the beauty world. I did makeup on anyone who would let me, my sisters, brother, mom, grandma, and the neighbors that weren’t afraid of my special FX makeup skills. I don’t know if they were being polite at the time, but I sure had a great time doing it.


But I wasn’t so good at doing makeup when I was in junior high, I never really wore it because I was too focused on doing it ontumblr_l76k23bJkq1qc7qvfo1_500 others. My first real time applying blush was for dance line try outs (remember that drugstore makeup kit?)…I swept this hot pink blush all over my cheeks, David Bowie would have been proud. I’m 14 and clueless because I just had no experience, but I did however, have a heavy hand. It was so horrible the other high school girls tried to help me wipe it off, but it made it even worse. Looking back it’s a funny story, but instead of worrying if I would make the dance team, I feared for my makeup career.
Fast forward.. I followed Rick’s advice, I did makeup for the drama club in HS and worked freelance and at makeup stores.

Now as I approach a new chapter in my career, I no longer care about the newest makeup products, I care about makeup application solely. I don’t want to sell makeup, I want to focus on my freelance career. And what I love is that I don’t know even half of everything about makeup. I’m always learning from others, reading and that’s what makes it interesting, that there is much more to come.

Passion cannot be taught. When you find your passion everything will fall into place. Even if you end up looking like Bowie.



Tacky Jacquie

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