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10 Things Every Twenty-something Needs to Know

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ap_tide_pods_ll_120523_wblogAs we grow, there are some things you learn along the way. Tools of the trade so to speak. The more you know who you are, the more confident you’ll be. Let’s get started…


1. Own a nice L.B.D. (Little Black dress). I know Urban Outfitters has some killer floral print dresses, but do you want to show up to your office dinner looking like you’re 16?

2. You should know how to make at least three meals that don’t consist of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese or Pop Tarts. I love convenience as much as the next person (Hi yoga pants!), but having some cooking skills really helps you out. Googling new recipes can be something fun you and your friends can do together. Also what guy doesn’t like when a girl cooks for him? Exactly.

3. I’m assuming you know how to do laundry. With that being said my favorites are Tide with a Touch of Downy/Tide Pods and Arm & Hammer liquid detergent. Downy Unstoppable scent beads are really great as well. They make your laundry smell fresh for weeks.

4. You should know what kind of flowers, wine and what YOUR signature scent is. You don’t have to throw out obvious hints that you want your guy to surprise you with flowers (I never do this I swear :P) to have a gorgeous arrangement sitting on your desk. If Daisies make you happy, buy some and enjoy it. It can be wine, perfume, etc…just know what you like. That self-awareness is what brings confidence.

5. Own a white or nude bra. I like to call it the “functional bra”. Leopard print is oh so very cute, but nothing sucks more than wearing a light colored top and having your bra exposed for all to see. Trust me on this one, go get yourself that functional bra. Bonus if it has removable straps so you can wear strapless outfits.

6. Have a “Girl Emergency Bag”  in your purse. It’s nice to have a discreet bag in your purse with pads or tampons just in case. I also have found these really cool individual wipes from Always. Heck I even have Midol and Advil in there just in case. I have a little makeup bag that is discreet for my emergency bag. It’s also nice if one of your friends is in need of a tampon or midol.

7. You should have an OBGYN. It can be daunting to go in for an exam, but it’s so so so important to get  a check up yearly. Know what’s going on with YOUR health.

8. Know that yes, you probably are becoming your mother. If your mom is anything like mine, it’s not a bad thing. My mom loves Lifetime Movies, Leopard print, hot pink lipstick,she cooks from scratch and it always tastes amazing, she worries about us too much, she makes a To-Do List everyday, she says “Oh God, love em!” and can pack clothing into a suitcase in 2 min. flat. My boyfriend can see me slowly turning into my momma and I am beginning to love it.

9. Know that some people your age are accomplishing things at different rates. Don’t compare yourself to the girl in Sophomore Chem that now works on Wall Street. Everyone is different and that’s ok.

10. Most importantly enjoy your twenties. Work hard, have fun and learn and grow.



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