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Sephora Purchases!

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Gorgeous Hair Week (Tuesday)

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Flyaways: One of the most annoying things that can happen to your hair. Flyaways usually occur when the hair cuticle is dry. Here are a few tricks that can help with getting rid of flyaways.


-Use an ionic blow-dryer (this helps reduce static and protects your hair from heat damage. When you can try to let your hair naturally air-dry. Blowdryers damage hair more than straighteners.


-Try using a dime size amount of shine serum. Rub onto palms to warm up the product and apply to the top of your head in downward motions.


-John Frieda makes a great shine product that comes in a wand.It looks like mascara and it makes it user friendly for application to the hair.


-Spray hairspray into your brush then brush through hair or spray onto palms and smooth on hair. This will tame them and not make your hair sticky :).


-Make sure you’re using the right shampoo and condish. Sulfates strip the hair of natural oils so use a sulfate-free shampoo/condish.


-Using a deep conditioner will also help you steer clear of flyaways. Try a once a week hair masque,leave in for 5 min,rinse.




Tacky Tuesday tip

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We all want baby soft skin especially with Spring on the way. I have the perfect tips for you to achieve maximum hydration. This isn’t just for the ladies, guys you can do this too (and no one has to know).

  • First off…let’s start with a body exfoliator. You can find these from the drugstore to Saks. Whatever your preference is go for it. Some people like to rub onto DRY skin, I personally use it on wet skin. After you’ve massaged the exfoliant to your skin, rinse off.
  • *Shower* Obviously right? Haha (Sing, have your iPod in full blast,anything).Continue on to the next step.
  • Towel off, but be sure to “pat” dry. This allows your body to still absorb moisture. Immediately following the shower put on body lotion. I like to use unscented because I have sensitive skin,also it doesn’t interfere with my perfume.


-When I say “interfere” with perfume here’s an example. Say I used vanilla body lotion, then sprayed on orange spicy blossom perfume on that would be a weird combo. The perfume sounds weird anyways…

-Also…I know it’s easy to get chest and back breakouts with the warmer weather approaching, I’d highly advise using a body wash or body exfoliator that contains salicylic acid. This is will help clear and prevent new breakouts. 


Gorgeous Hair Week (Monday’s post)

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**Gorgeous Hair Week Monday:**

HAIR are some of my tips,

To seal moisture into your locks, rinse hair with cold water in the shower to close the hair cuticle. It’s also very important if you brush/comb your wet hair to use a wide tooth comb. When the hair is wet it is very elastic aka like a rubber band (prone to break). By using a wide comb it will prevent any breakage.

Products that enhance your hair:
-Wide tooth comb (Sally’s Beauty $3)
-Leave-in conditioner or hair oil (Moroccan oil is my favorite)
-Heat protector spray (Tresseme is a great value $4-drugstores)






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